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This site is here for the sole purpose of educating those who are interested in the least-known but greatest area of California, the Central Valley.  😎

How The Site is Divided

This section is currently under construction at the moment, but bellow is a link to our “Top News” section.


Here there are articles concerning all things Central Valley related.  Central Valley food, Central Valley places to visit, and Central Valley Fun!!!!!

Drone Footage

The technological advances we are so furtunate to with has allowed this section of Valley Is Life, which features great videos of the Central Valley shot from on high!


The Central Valley of California has some amazing places to visit, and in those places there is a variety of beautiful landscapes to view.  See some of those here!

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We pick out some of the top news articles that may intrest you!  Check them out!

If you are a Cen Cal native or simply enjoy observing the wonders of Central California, this site is here for you!


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